Sunday, September 22, 2019

Don't Apologize

This past Thursday in my Developmental PSY lecture class, I was in the front row, taking up 2.5 seats. I had my textbook on the left, my notebook in my lap, and my backpack on the floor to my right. The tiny "desk" that pops up between the seats didn't sit flat because of my belly, and it made it hard to take notes in my BIG Happy Planner. I was embarrassed.

This girl that I worked with a week or so prior came and sat down one seat over. I mumbled something about taking up too much space. She said something like "don't worry, it's fine". 

She knew I was a single mom of twins because of our discussion of epigenetics and twin observations by researchers. (Actually the whole class knows I have twins because the teacher brought it up after I mentioned to her one day after class.)

Anyway, at the end of class, she tore a piece of paper from her notebook. As she left, she dropped this on top of my binder.

Needless to say, it made my day and it now sits in a tiny pocket in my backpack.