Thursday, December 22, 2016

Support for the Single Mom

Holidays can be stressful. Being a single mom can be very stressful. Putting those two together can be a disaster waiting for happen. 

I was in this spot for the time 6 years ago with the twins. I had left their father and we were spending Christmas alone. I had been blessed with an apartment from a transitional housing program in town. The boys received donated presents from Toys for Tots, and we were given diapers and food from church members and the Salvation Army.

Going into that holiday season I imagined the worst case scenario. I was sure that nothing would go right. I am so glad that I was wrong. 

This month I found out about a newly single mom facing the holidays alone. She has a little girl that is about to turn 3 and her son is 5 months old. They are trying to restart their life on their own. Just the three of them facing Christmas by their lonesome. This brought back so many memories. I immediately wanted to help. I didn't have much to give financially that day but even $5 can help, so that is what I sent. 

I know that the end of the month, the end of the year, and the holidays leave us all a little short on cash but can you spare $5 for this mom? She has a GoFundMe page set up that you can donate to (but they do take a small fee). Or you can send a cash gift via Paypal. Please message me for her account information.

GoFundMe page - 

Or purchase something for her and her two kids. This is a link to an Amazon wish list with some items they could use.

Current needs:
Christmas gifts
Clothing - 12 months boys
Diapers, Size 3
Pull Ups, Size 2 (girls)

There is one additional way to support her - she is an authorized rep for Usborne books.  Any purchase will earn her commision and then you have a great present for a kid in your life. Or order a gift certificate and they can choose their own new book. This is a link to her site.

I want to bless this mom in the same way I was blessed on the Twins' First Christmas. I have been in her spot and we have overcome so much in the last six years. She has a long road ahead of her and I want her to start out with some hope for 2017. 
Thank You & Merry Christmas!