Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sleepy Start to Sunday

I got extra sleep on Saturday which means that I was up more than half the night. Sam climbed into bed with me at 7 am so I forced myself to stay awake. We ran to the store for a donut and chocolate milk. I came back home to watch Netflix and ended up taking a nap. I was afraid it would be another unproductive day. However, by 4 pm I was up doing laundry, making pizza, and cleaning the kitchen. It isn't finished but it was a start. It has been a few really hard weeks so even that little bit of productivity has helped my mood. 

Tomorrow starts a short week and will end in a kid free weekend. The boys will be going to visit their grandparents for the 3 day weekend. Which means I get 3 nights to myself.  

Thursday night I am attending a Ladies Night fundraiser for Sharon Manor at the HomCo store. This is the transitional housing program that helped us for two years when we started over in Flagstaff. 

Friday will be a day to get work done around the house. The 3rd bedroom has become a disaster area. I need to clear out a lot of stuff and set up an area to blog and take photos.

Saturday I am setting up a table at an Xmas Bazaar to share Norwex. If you haven't heard about this company, you really need to take a look. I was skeptical but now I use them in every room of the house plus the car.  If you are interested in following my FB page, you can find specials, sales and links to facebook parties.

Well, it is past the boys' bedtime and they are not asleep. I need to go tuck them in again. 

I hope you have a good week.