Monday, November 28, 2016

My Magic Pot of Yum!

So tonight I was just going to research some more ideas and recipes for my Magic Pot. Then a Snow Day was called for Tuesday.

Since I don't have to get up early tomorrow, and I was hungry, and I was cold - I decided I needed some pasta.

However, I wanted to try out some Hard Boiled Eggs first - so I made 6 of those. They turned out so pretty. Even Sammy ate one!

Then I started the pasta. I put the IP on saute, added 2 lbs of ground beef and let it cook. I added a little bit of water so it didn't stick to the bottom of my pan. Then I added a box of bowtie pasta. I then broke up a little bit of spaghetti and tossed that in too. One jar of spaghetti sauce got dumped on top along with some spices. I added 2 jars of water as well. I set it to cook for 7 minutes.

On the first try, the pot didn't seal all the way. I realized that the sealing ring on the inside of the lid was still too warm. I rinsed it off and put the entire lid in the fridge for a few minutes. Then I started the pot back up. Set it for only 4 minutes this time. It just finished -

Note the paper bowl and plastic fork - I hate doing dishes. I used to hate cooking.
I can't wait until the boys are old enough to not break dishes while doing chores...

I hope no one gets tired of reading about my Instant Pot adventures because I am having a great time! I haven't smiled like this in a long time - especially from cooking.