Friday, November 18, 2016

Fun Fridays - Adobe Illustrator

You have no idea how much fun I am having this afternoon! The boys' school has a half day every Friday. That means we are home by 12:45 pm. Usually this is free time for them to watch tv, play video games, use their tablets, or play. Today this time is being used to fight over the remote control and whine. I also heard peanut butter cup wrappers in the kitchen. I think they are in my stash.

Anyway, I am trying to work on assignments. I am loving my classes this semester. I am learning how to better use Adobe Illustrator. This is the program I used to make my new logo. My current project is to make a poster. There was no specific theme for the assignment. So I decided to take the an idea I had for a future tattoo and play.

This is what I have so far. I am going for a child like appearance. That makes it easier for me since I don't have to make my lines perfect and precise. It isn't due until the end of the semester so I still have until December 9th to finish. For now, it is just something fun to work on. It helps lift my mood to use my creativity.