Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween Costume Ideas

Tons of Halloween Costumes! 
If you can't find an idea in this post, you are out of luck for this year!

Sadly, the boys do not want me to make their costumes this year. We ordered costumes from Amazon.com for both of them. I found them cheaper than the costume store so at least I saved money. I think I may just go as an annoyed mom this year. It should be easy to pull off.

Last year we did a family costume. Inside Out was the current favorite at home and with two friends helping at our Halloween Party, we had enough people for the whole group. For more pictures and some food ideas, click here!

Anger - Beanie, Felt, Plastic Headband, Patterned Elastic, Ribbon and Buckle, his own pants and shirt. I didn't use patterns for anything. Just guessed and used a picture for inspiration. The flames are made from stiff felt and hot glued onto a plastic headband. The tie was also made from stiff felt, I made a zigzag with the patterned elastic and then hot glued a piece of elastic to put around his neck. I attached a simple slide buckle on to brown ribbon for a cheap belt. He already had a pair of pants and a white dress shirt. He loved the costume and played the part well.

Fear - Beanie, Pipe Cleaner, Felt, Elastic, Fleece, his own pants and shirt. Again, no patterns. I bought a half yard of fleece in the hounds tooth pattern. I measured it against a sweater he owned. I folded over the fleece so it was double the length. I cut a neck hole along the top, left space for arm holes, glued the sides together and adjusted it to fit. No sewing required. For the beanie, I just ran the pipe cleaner through a small hole in the top of the beanie. I used a small piece of felt hot glued on the inside to secure it. He wanted a belt too so I used some ribbon and cut out a letter F for Fear. The bow tie was made with stiff glitter felt. I just cut it out and used glue to attach it to a piece of elastic. 

Super simple NO SEW Costume.
Scarecrow - Green shirt, brown sweatpants, old hat from thrift store, felt and straw. We found the mask in a Wizard of Oz craft display at a local store. He only wore it for pictures because it was hard to see out of it for the party. I glued straw on to a square of felt and then glued those on to the shirt and pants. 

Another NO SEW Costume
Are you sensing a theme with the costumes I make for my boys?

Tin Man - Gray sweatshirt and pants, stiff gray felt, plastic funnel, plastic headband, red sparkly felt.
Again, no patterns. Cut out gray felt to make details on shoulders, arms, ankles and body. I glued more felt to the funnel and attached it to a plastic headband using strips of stiff felt. I cut a heart and attached that with hot glue as well.

Sheriff Woody - Yellow T-Shirt, 2 buttons, red paint marker, his own jeans, red bandanna, cow print fleece, cowboy hat, DIY holster. I drew red lines on to the t-shirt with the paint marker to mimic the sheriff's shirt. I attached two buttons (minimal sewing) to the middle of the chest. I cut the fleece into a vest using the shirt as a size guide. Tied the bandanna around his neck and added a $1 foam hat.

Buzz Lightyear - white shirt and pants, green wrist bands, colored foam, Galatic Sticker, velcro squares, green acrylic paint. The hardest part of this costume was making the chest plate. I used foam and cut it free hand to match the toy we owned. We had a sticker from the wall stickers in their room so I used that for the center. I attached the piece with velcro to the shirt. I used green paint to make stripes on the shirt. I put the wrist bands around his ankles to hide the fact that the pants were actually girl's leggings with a lace detail. I even added some green paint to his shoes to complete the outfit. For trick or treating he did wear a set of borrowed wings so Buzz could fly!

The whole family participated when we went to Disneyland for Halloween 2012. The Mr and Mrs Potato Head costumes were cut from old bed sheets that I bought at the thrift store. I made the eyes, ears and nose with the foam and used velcro to attach it. Sadly this costume did not hold up as well since we ended up carrying the boys so much at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

The Gun Holster for Woody's costume was made using felt. I "stitched" the edge together with ribbon laced through small holes. I glued on a belt loop and attached it to his pants.

For a Toy Story Party - click here.

The Cat in The Hat - I used a piece of sticky backed foam cut into an oval. I added a ribbon bow with a safety pin and I wore the shirt with my jeans.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 - I bought plain red turtleneck shirts and pants for the boys. I used the sticky back foam for their bellies. Added the wording with a black permanent marker and they were ready to go to the party. A friend knit/crocheted the blue hats for me. I still have not learned how to do that on my own. I also sprayed their hair blue when they wanted to take the hats off. 

To go straight to Pinterest and see all the pin-worthy costumes, click here. 

The following costumes were done by friends. Please follow the links to their websites for info on these costumes. Some of these posts even have more links to extra costumes as well.

I haven't had much time over the last year but I used to make tutu dresses, skirts and costumes along with matching hair bows. CoCo Pretties was a lot of fun to do and it gave me a girly fix being a mom to 3 boys. 

This a friend's daughter wearing a Rainbow TuTu Costume. The top is supposed to be a cloud. Get it?

These are a collection of outfits I made for Halloween, Birthdays and Photo Shoots.
Cute Purple Witch, Pink Princess, Harvest Fairy, Pink Cheetah, Minnie Mouse, Queen Elsa, Princess Sophia, Zebra Princess mash-up (don't ask), a Snowman and a Santa.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!