Friday, August 12, 2016

Pete's Dragon Opens Today!

In honor of Pete's Dragon opening in theaters today I have some coloring pages, activity sheets, and funny videos to show you. The boys can not wait to see this movie. Sadly, we were not able to attend the special advance screening; so I will be watching it this weekend along with all of you.

Click on this link to see the trailer:

 In Theaters August 12, 2016

Will you be seeing the movie this weekend?
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I remember watching the live-action/animated movie as a small child. It was released in 1977 so it is as old as I am. I think the digital effects of this movie will be amazing.

So, you know I love making cupcakes so I had to include this video. Bryce Dallas show you how to make dragon cupcakes.

To get ready for the movie, 
have the kids color these pictures.
(Click on the Pop-Out icon to open them in a new window. You should then be able to print copies.)

After you seen have the movie, come back to this post and leave a comment. I want to know your favorite part of the movie.