Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to School Frustrations and Funnies

Today is the 9th day of the 2016-2017 school year. The boys are in 1st grade and seem to like it so far. For the first few days, I went in and dropped them off at their classrooms. I also picked them up in person.

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When I did this, I PARKED MY CAR in the parking lot. I didn't leave it in the way of drivers. I didn't park in a red zone. I didn't park in an area that was marked NO Parking. I have been driving for half my life so I know the basics. I figured everyone else did too. For some reason, when parents get to school, they forget everything. (Which is ironic since we are expecting for our kids to go into school, pay attention, follow the directions, and learn. Maybe we should try to do the same. Well, THEY should. I am good.)

This morning was RIDICULOUS. I got the boys to school early. They are not allowed to be dropped off until 8:20 am, which is when we pulled into the parking lot. They qualify for the free breakfast and lunch program - so they get a hot breakfast (or cereal) every morning. Much better than what I can accomplish in the morning between breaking up fights and finding shoes!

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OK, that was the funny. Next for a combo. Most Parents think Common Core is a major frustration. I think this is funny. My brain has always worked differently than others. (I am #crazy so it isn't hard to believe.) Go to the next page to read more...

A lot of parents don't understand Common Core. I found a website that answers some FAQs and gives parents a lot of information. The boys are only in First Grade so the concepts are still simple. It should be easy to build on the skills they learn each semester.

Last night we were looking through the Scholastic Book Order. It is one of my favorite parts of school. I loved bringing home that order form and picking out new books. I was lucky that my mom usually bought me at least one or two books. I bought books all the time when I was an assistant teacher. Now I am passing my love for reading on to the boys.

Anyway, Sam was deciding which books he liked best. One book was $14. I told him that was a lot of money for ONE book. He said we needed TWO books. One for him and one for his brother. As I was about to tell him that I was not spending that much money - he said: "It is only $28 Mom!" I couldn't believe he came up with the total so quickly. I asked him how he knew the answer. He replied "Duh, I added the tens and then the ones." Sam did this in his head in just a few seconds.

Well, because he used his math skills so well he is getting the new book. I have always done math like this in my head. I am very proud of him for working it out on his own. What are your frustrations about Common Core?

Well I couldn't help it. I added a parking lot diagram. Now this will only work for my school. (Well it might work for your school, but that would be really odd.) You can make your own. It might help those that are more challenged. Have a good school week!

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