Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Night Photography

This semester I have learned a lot about digital photography. My skills have improved so much. Snapshots are no longer an option. I make photos instead of taking them. I still have more to learn but these are a few of my images that I took at night.

These two images are called painting with light. I had the tripod set up in my driveway. For the first image, the boys stood still holding hands. I had the shutter set for 15 seconds. I put the timer on to give me 10 seconds to get behind them with the flashlight. Once the shutter opened, I traced the outline of their bodies with the flashlight.

I did each of our names on their own and then I layered them together for the first image. I plan to print this image and hang a copy in each of their rooms.

These are all 10 second exposures with the tripod. Route 66 and the Flagstaff train station.