Monday, May 2, 2016

Manic Monday Mumbling About Money

Last week I got some bad news.  Financially the boys and I will be taking a big hit. It brought me down hated and it took a couple days of doing nothing and hiding to get over it. My depression is well managed but I can be easily overwhelmed when the stress gets too high.

After the boys' dad died we had the blessing of Social Security Survivors benefits being approved. The payments the boys would be given each month took a lot of weight from my shoulders. However life never seems to work out the way you want it to IN REAL LIFE.

Welfare is a necessary part of our lives. I am not able to work a regular job with my crazy. Plus being a single mom to twin boys doesn't leave me with much energy for anything else.  Working parents understand that child care can be almost as much as your take home pay.  Food stamps made sure we always had food in the kitchen.

Now our little family of 3 earns $25 more than the monthly maximum to qualify for SNAP  (supplemental nutrition assistance program. ) Sadly we are barely above the federal poverty level. We will have more cash coming into the household but we will be losing 90% of our grocery money.

That want the only bad news I got that day. The local housing office will also be reducing our subsidy. We will be losing 60% of the assistance we were previously receiving.  Flagstaff rents are very high. We are very lucky that our home is on the low end of the price range. I have friends paying $1000 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment. $1350 for a small house.

Thankfully we will have enough to cover our expenses each month. Unfortunately we won't be able to get out of the hole we are in.

Welfare is often misunderstood when being discussed online.  Assumptions are easily made about families that rely on food stamps and housing assistance. It always upsets me and I have a hard time holding my 2 cents.

Well this wasn't an uplifting blog post,  was it?  Sorry I couldn't help your Monday end on a better note. I could sing! Except I still don't love the idea of being on a live feed.

I promise to have something fun posted soon.