Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break Visual Diary

As part of an assignment for my Digital Photography course, we had to do a visual diary over Spring Break. These are some of the photos I took while in Phoenix with my boys.

We found a GROUPON for The Hall of Flame Museum. Sammy loves fire trucks so this was a great way to spend 90 minutes on a Monday morning. 

There was even a fire truck the boys could play on. Complete with fire hats and jackets. 

These pictures are from The Phoenix Zoo. We were able to go to the Zoo for free as part of our POGO pass. There are a total of 16 venues available to visit. We checked out a couple while we were in Phoenix. The pass is valid for one year, so we will take advantage of the remaining visits this Fall and Winter. It will be nice to escape the cold in Flagstaff and head down to Phoenix for warmer temperatures.
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Click on this link to buy your own pass: 

These pictures are from the Children's Museum of Phoenix. The boys loved it! We even upgraded our tickets towards a one year membership. It will pay for itself if we visit 4 more times over the next 11 months. I have a feeling that will be easy to do, even living 2 hours away.

We had a great time in Phoenix for the week. It was hot but not unbearable. Usually you think of a vacation as a far away destination, but it was nice to stay in Arizona.

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