Thursday, March 24, 2016

THE END #semicolonproject

#semicolonproject #suicide #depression #endthestigma #bipolar #TheEnd

Explanation: The red heart is my oldest son, Christian. After he was born I had postpartum depression that grew into major depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

I am the purple heart. I have attempted suicide multiple times. The last attempt was before I had my twin boys.

Sammy, Twin A, is the blue heart and Jayson, Twin B, is green.

2 months ago their father (my ex-husband) committed suicide. The newest part of my tattoo is a period.

It stands for THE END of our struggle.

It will be a daily reminder that the idea of SUICIDE is not a solution for my problems. It will put an end to our suffering. The depression will not win.

Once the twins are old enough, I will explain all of this to them. For now, they just think the "dot" is for daddy.