Monday, January 25, 2016

Busy Family Dinner, a Football Game, and a Fun Craft

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    The past few days have been so hectic. I am just now getting to my blog. Let's backtrack a week. Last Monday was a school holiday. The kids always seem more crazy on those days. Tuesday I was trying to register for classes. Wednesday I started classes at the local community college. Thursday was a meeting at school, and shopping at Sam's Club for the 2 birthday parties my Twin Boys had this weekend. Friday is always a half day for the boys. We went home to bake cupcakes and decorate for the first party. Besides the parties, that can be a typical week for us. How much stuff do your families have scheduled for the week? Our dinner on Thursday night wasn't hard at all. When we were at the register at Sam's Club there was a sign for a #FamilyPizzaCombo at the Café.

    Can you believe that price? $13.98 and we got a 16 inch pizza, cheesy breadsticks, 6 cookies, and a 2-liter of CoCa-Cola. This a perfect meal for those nights when the TO DO list seems longer that I can get done in 2 days. It only took a couple minutes to have a hot pizza ready to take home. 

    The boys were trying to get into the box of breadsticks before we got out of the parking lot. As soon as we got home, I put the freezer items away and sat down to eat. It was so nice to be able to eat hot yummy food so quickly after getting home. 

    This deal would be perfect to have on the table for a BIG Football Game. I grabbed the plates and tablecloth a week ago. The boys loved having dinner be more of a party. That night we just watched a football movie. 

    Once the pizza was gone (it didn't take long) we were left with two cardboard boxes. Lately Sam has wanted me to cut up the cardboard so he can use it for some project. I teased him "What are you going to do with it? Play football?"

    That is when I had a great idea. We could make a football game that they could play inside the house.

    I folded the box inside out so those stringy pieces of cheese were hiding. I guess you could clean it off, huh? I didn't get that far. Ooops.

    First, you will need to grab a few supplies. I ended up not really using the tape or the staples but you could if you wanted to secure the edges.

    The next step is easy. Draw a square in the middle of the pizza box. You want it to be centered because this is going to be your goalpost.

    On the breadstick box, draw out some football shapes. (Make them look better than mine.) I drew 6 but I could gave gotten more out of the box. 

    Then start cutting. I told you, simple! 

    Use your marker to draw the goal post around the square you just cut out. I kept mine sweet and simple. You could decorate with more colors, stickers, paint. We took the easy version of our craft. Since this was a paper tablecloth, I drew a scoreboard right on the table. I added the lacing on the footballs. Yes I have to admit that is all my work. You would think that I could draw and cut out a simple football shape. Maybe the boys would have done a better job.

    All finished and ready to play. Sometimes my boys are a little young to follow the scoring or rules of a game. Usually I let them play their way because it keeps the fighting and sibling rivalry to a minimum.

    Don't forget, you can pick up and take out the Family Pizza Combo from the Café at Sam's Club. There is no need to shop for the items. Just order and pay and it is ready quickly to take home and ENJOY! Don't forget your CoCa-Cola (my favorite along with Coke Zero.)

    If you like this craft, please comment below. Let me now if you try to make your own BIG FOOTBALL GAME.