Monday, January 25, 2016

Busy Family Dinner, a Football Game, and a Fun Craft

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    The past few days have been so hectic. I am just now getting to my blog. Let's backtrack a week. Last Monday was a school holiday. The kids always seem more crazy on those days. Tuesday I was trying to register for classes. Wednesday I started classes at the local community college. Thursday was a meeting at school, and shopping at Sam's Club for the 2 birthday parties my Twin Boys had this weekend. Friday is always a half day for the boys. We went home to bake cupcakes and decorate for the first party. Besides the parties, that can be a typical week for us. How much stuff do your families have scheduled for the week? Our dinner on Thursday night wasn't hard at all. When we were at the register at Sam's Club there was a sign for a #FamilyPizzaCombo at the Café.

    Can you believe that price? $13.98 and we got a 16 inch pizza, cheesy breadsticks, 6 cookies, and a 2-liter of CoCa-Cola. This a perfect meal for those nights when the TO DO list seems longer that I can get done in 2 days. It only took a couple minutes to have a hot pizza ready to take home. 

    The boys were trying to get into the box of breadsticks before we got out of the parking lot. As soon as we got home, I put the freezer items away and sat down to eat. It was so nice to be able to eat hot yummy food so quickly after getting home. 

    This deal would be perfect to have on the table for a BIG Football Game. I grabbed the plates and tablecloth a week ago. The boys loved having dinner be more of a party. That night we just watched a football movie. 

    Once the pizza was gone (it didn't take long) we were left with two cardboard boxes. Lately Sam has wanted me to cut up the cardboard so he can use it for some project. I teased him "What are you going to do with it? Play football?"

    That is when I had a great idea. We could make a football game that they could play inside the house.

    I folded the box inside out so those stringy pieces of cheese were hiding. I guess you could clean it off, huh? I didn't get that far. Ooops.

    First, you will need to grab a few supplies. I ended up not really using the tape or the staples but you could if you wanted to secure the edges.

    The next step is easy. Draw a square in the middle of the pizza box. You want it to be centered because this is going to be your goalpost.

    On the breadstick box, draw out some football shapes. (Make them look better than mine.) I drew 6 but I could gave gotten more out of the box. 

    Then start cutting. I told you, simple! 

    Use your marker to draw the goal post around the square you just cut out. I kept mine sweet and simple. You could decorate with more colors, stickers, paint. We took the easy version of our craft. Since this was a paper tablecloth, I drew a scoreboard right on the table. I added the lacing on the footballs. Yes I have to admit that is all my work. You would think that I could draw and cut out a simple football shape. Maybe the boys would have done a better job.

    All finished and ready to play. Sometimes my boys are a little young to follow the scoring or rules of a game. Usually I let them play their way because it keeps the fighting and sibling rivalry to a minimum.

    Don't forget, you can pick up and take out the Family Pizza Combo from the Café at Sam's Club. There is no need to shop for the items. Just order and pay and it is ready quickly to take home and ENJOY! Don't forget your CoCa-Cola (my favorite along with Coke Zero.)

    If you like this craft, please comment below. Let me now if you try to make your own BIG FOOTBALL GAME.

    Thursday, January 21, 2016

    #TwinThursday #TBT Six years ago

    Six years ago I was sitting in a bed on the B wing of Good Sam hospital in Phoenix, AZ. I had been put on bed rest on the 7th. I was uncomfortable. I was aggravated. I was moody. I was a bitch! 

    Bed rest at the hospital was a lot easier than it was at home,  I have to admit. It was nice to have meals brought to me.  It was even nicer to order whatever my pregnant self craved at that moment. I had made it through 36 weeks of a hard pregnancy. I was so close to being done.  My c-section was scheduled for Monday,  January 25, 2010 at 1:30 pm. I was ready. 

    This was the night before the C-Section. 

    Sammy was born at 2:15 and Jay followed at 2:17 pm.

    Life changed at that exact moment.

    Monday, January 11, 2016

    Jumping on the Lottery Train of Thought

    Today I gave away a pair of gloves and some change for a bus ticket. I didn't have much to share, in fact I was waiting to get some utility assistance; but any of us can do a simple kind act for someone else with only a few dollars. This woman had just been released from jail. Her shoes and the bottom of her pants were wet after walking in the snow. What I had to give wasn't much but it was more than she had.

    That being aaid, I haven't bought a lottery ticket in 15 years. So I won't be winning a jackpot this week. However I want to share some ideas. I would buy a nice single family home for the boys and myself. I would put aside monies to cover all costs associated with owning the home for the next 10 years. I would buy a nice car that would get me across the state and the country. I would take my boys and Mikala Brannen to WDW in FL for a huge trip followed by a cruise. I would finally travel to Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, and England. I would set up a trust for each of the boys. I would then give money to Northland Family Help Center and Halo House. I would give back to Sharon Manor and Northern AZ Housing Solutions. I would buy bus tickets in bulk and hand them out when I saw someone in need. I would buy a meal for someone else at a restaurant. I would carry gift cards for McD's BK and Subway to share with those that were hungry. I would keep blankets and bottled water in my car to help others.

    I would try to repay all the kindness given to me in a much larger scale than I could ever do on my own. I have had it hard more than a few times. Money is tight right now! But we have a roof over our heads. We have food in the fridge. It could always be worse.

    There are so many things I would want to pursue on my own as well. More classes so I could continue learning. New computers and an amazing website. A maid to clean house and do dishes. Whatever extra cirrucular activities the boys wanted to do : soccer, baseball, gymnastics, art, dance, etc.

    It would be hard to not be greedy but I would also employ a financial advisor to help me stay on track.

    Well just my 2 cents.

    Although maybe I should take those back and find 98 more... just in case.

    Saturday, January 9, 2016

    Can't Even


    How are you?

    That's good.

    Me? Fine.

    Wait, that's a lie. I want to be honest. It is important to me to have a place where I don't have to fake it. No forced smiles. No perfect photos. That is not reality. At least not in my life.

    I have been trying and trying to come up with the perfect blog post to officially kick off the new year. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head. The problem - there is so much else bouncing around in my mind. I can't think straight.

    I don't do resolutions. I never stuck to them. They always ended up making me feel defeated. I saw an idea on a friend's blog to pick one word for your year.

    My choice: CONFIDENCE.

    I was trying to write one sentence for each facet of my life that I wanted/needed to have confidence. Right now, the only thing I feel confident about is that I am going to continue this downward spiral. I know, I know - what a horribly depressing way to start off 2016.


    I so badly want 2016 to be my best year yet! I have plans. I have goals. I have lists of everything I want to accomplish this year.

    I have a new planner. A Color Crush from Webster's Pages. Using planners are cool now. It's a thing. I used one back in highschool, it wasn't cool back then but I got away with it. It combines my creativity with my overwhelming need to schedule and plan ahead - all topped off with some OCD.

    However, I opened the box, put the pages in, and haven't written one thing. Not even my name.  How can I feel so lost and confused when I have so much that I know I need to do?

    Edited 1/10/16: It is pretty though - add after church today I think I know where to start.

    You want to know a secret? I almost never cry. For someone with such severe depression it is a real pain in the ass to not be able to shed a few tears. There are so many anti-depressants and mood stabilizers in my system.

    Tonight though, I am crying.

    Let's go back a couple weeks...

    The days leading up to Christmas had me stressed, overwhelmed and devoid of and holiday spirit. We didn't make Christmas cookies. We didn't do handmade ornaments. We didn't make any cute presents for the grandparents. I was already slipping.

    Somehow it hallway came together and then presents were under the tree with the help of Mikala. The twins' dad was there too but he wasn't much help after the kids were in bed. At least they listened to him and got their rooms picked up.

    Christmas morning proved that Santa did a great job with the gifts under the tree.  I didn't get one picture of me and the boys together. Not one cheesy picture of us in our pajamas opening presents, bed head and smeared makeup. My mood took away from their Christmas morning.

    The boys, their dad and Mikala all left and headed south on the I-17 highway before lunch. I spent the next 48 hours in bed. I don't really remember much - except guilt and failure.

    I finally felt a little better, I got some shopping done and started organizing the house. I used gift cards to shop and made some exchanges. I felt like I accomplished something. Things got done around the house. I almost felt normal.

    Then the boys came home. On the second to last day of Winter Break. I was so happy to see them. Sam was being a cuddle bug. Jay was being Jay. They liked what I had gotten done in their bedrooms. They were glad to be home. (In fact, I think Grandma was happy they were home too.)

    School started on Monday, January 4th. It started snowing but it didn't stick much in town. That night though, it snowed some more and froze over. It was dangerous to drive so school was delayed. It snowed.most of Tuesday and overnight to Wednesday. The school district declared a Snow Day for Wednesday. As kids rejoiced, parents groaned.

    Then Thursday was a snow day and then Friday too. The City of Flagstaff had 31 inches of snow in one week. That is the 17th largest measurable snow in Arizona since 1898.

    Yes, that 2 weeks off of school for Xmas. Then 1 full day of school. 1 partial day. 3 SNOW DAYS! and now it is the weekend.

    At least they got to go out and play once. Neighbors made a huge snow pile that I tried to turn into a sled hill.

    I wish I could have done more with the boys but after a trip to the ER on Tuesday. I wasn't very productive. (Whole 'nother blog post.)  One thing about that? I am not old enough for this shit!

    Well there is much more I could say...

    EDITED TO ADD: We made it to church this morning. It was exactly what I needed! The music talked about how we need to THRIVE instead of SURVIVE. 

    The sermon talked about different areas in our life and how we thought God wanted us to live. The pastor talked about having a CALENDAR and that what you had listed in your calendar was what you valued and treasured. That if you put something in your calendar, you needed to DO IT! That if it means something to you, you need to make time for it. 

    I couldn't believe how much it synced up to what I had written and how I was feeling. Even better was that I could follow along in the YOUvision app on my smartphone. The bible verses were listed as well as the sermon notes.

    Ephesians 5:15-16 (NIV) Be very careful, then, how you live - not as unwise but as wise,
    making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

    Monday, January 4, 2016

    Amazon Prime Video 30 Day Free Trial

    I absolutely love Amazon!

    They are letting me share this free 30 day Trial with my readers.

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    Sunday, January 3, 2016

    Sweet Sunday Night

    The boys are asleep. The house is quiet. I am working on a list of upcoming blog posts.  My plan is to have a big post each week that will set a theme.  Then I will follow that with at least two smaller posts each week. My first big post is not quite ready yet - but I had to give you a sneak peek.

    I am so glad that having a planner is cool again! I used a Day Planner in highschool. This makes my OCD so happy! Stickers, clips, tape, pretty quotes and lots of color. It is a great outlet for a creative mind. Plus it gives me a place to journal and jot down ideas.

    I hope everyone had a great holiday. My depression kicked in before Christmas. I barely made it though but the Ex and my pseudo daughter saved the day. Once the boys left for their week at Grandma's house; I let myself be depressed. I watched a lot of netflix and slept. I was back at it before New Year's Eve and I had a blast out with friends.

    2016 is going to be my best year yet!