Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Blessing

Today my boys were blessed with a Christmas shopping spree thanks to the Elks Lodge of Flagstaff.

Lodge members picked up the boys this morning. They were taken to Target to shop and given $100 to shop. They were allowed to pick out their own gifts.

Sam got 2 new pairs of sweat pants, a dinosaur shirt, a Xmas sweater, Paw Patrol underwear, a garbage truck, a firetruck, full size dinosaur sheet set and he picked out some pajamas for his brother.

Jay got the same pajamas (lol) with kitty cats in glasses, a kitty cat hoodie, a kitty cat purse, 2 packs of Pokémon cards, Pokémon underwear, and a pink flannel kitty cat sheet set.

After shopping they headed back to the Elks Lodge. They had hot dogs and cheeseburgers with french fries for all the kids. After they ate they got to see Santa. He had a wrapped present for each child. Jay got a talking Minion toy and Sam got a toy tool kit.

Three members took Sam, Jay and another little boy out for the day. When I thanked them they said it was their pleasure to do this for the boys; and to share their Christmas excitement. They said it was emotional for them and proud to be Elk Members.

Thank you so much to The Elks Lodge for giving my boys an amazing Christmas gift. They will remember this for a long time.
Sam and Jay immediately wanted their new clothes and sheets to go in the washing machine! They are now happily playing with new toys in their room.

Thank you.
Merry Christmas.