Saturday, December 26, 2015

A New Countdown

It has started.

My 39th Birthday is in 39 days.
Which means the Twins have their 6th Birthday in 30 days.

They are having separate parties this year with 2 entirely different themes. I am going to need the full month to prep.

Sam wants a Dinosaur mash-up party. Jurassic World, The Good Dinosaur and just plain dinos.

Jay wants a MATH party. Yes, a math party. Number sentences on the streamers, counting games, cupcakes in the shape of a 6. I am happy to comply.

First thing on the long, long, long TO DO list:

#1 - Clean up Christmas.
The boys will be in PHX for the rest of their Winter Break. So that gives me time to get everything packed up and stored away.

#2 - Organize their rooms.
They now have their own bedrooms. I need to consolidate my craft supplies so Jay has a place for all his art supplies. I need to put up his posters and get him some clothing storage. Sam needs major help with his toys. The Lego blocks seem to take over so I need to get him a place to build. Then we just need to apply OCD to the closet of toys. Thankfully he has clothing storage, just have to get his stuff put away.

#3 - Assess the damage to my room.
My bedroom tends to be the catch all when other rooms are organized. I need to purge my room. Organize stuff. Set up a blogging spot with my planner, TV, and bookcase.

#4 - Put the living room back together.
I need to add some blanket storage and seating.

#5 - Send out invites.
After I decide on how many kids can be invited, we can see the times and see if I have enough time to tear down one party and set up the next one.

Ok, I think that is a good start to my list. I plan to come back with pictures of ideas, links to the Pinterest boards, and updates.
Right now, I am going to netflix and chill. ALONE. I am getting to watch whatever I want in my own bed without distraction. Having a TV in my room is currently a blessing but it might become a curse.

I hope you all had a
Merry Christmas!