Friday, November 13, 2015

DCSE Aggravations! (Department of Child Support Enforcement)

I know I am lucky that I get child support at all. I just wished there weren't random issues with DCSE.

Department of Child Support Enforcement
more like
Department of Child Support eh, we will get to it Eventually

The Ex is paid biweekly. The payment from his 11/6 paycheck on hold. Why?? No reason! The caseworker says he has to contact the debt department. Then that department reviews it. If they feel it should be released (again no reason it should not be,) then it gets sent to another department. That department will then release it. Then it will post to my account. The day after that it will be deposited to my account!!!!

It could be next Thursday before I see it.

I have $6 to my name!

I have bills extended to TODAY that will not get paid! The cable/internet will be shut off. Necessary evils for a single mom blogger. It brings in cash and keeps the boys entertained. I do not feel guilty for this expense at all! (I hope people keep mean comments to themselves.)

My car has less than a quarter tank of gas. Even with lower gas prices ($2.19 yesterday) I can't afford to fill the tank.

Somebody either needs to buy something from CoCo Pretties or a fairy needs to magically appear with  hundred dollar bills.

Again, I know I am lucky. I know we are blessed. I know plenty of single mothers that do not get a dime. I mean no disrespect.

I just wish we didn't have these cycles of being EXTRA poor. Our regular level of poor is enough stress. I have gotten to a point where we can manage poor. Weeks without money in not doable. The next payment will be held up because of the Thanksgiving holiday - which means we are  financially screwed for the month.

Ugh! Venting and Ranting over.

for now