Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to School! Wow!

The boys came home Sunday from a quick visit to see the grandparents.  We had a low key lazy afternoon, it was so nice. At dinner, we were talking about how many sleeps (nights) we had left before school started. School starts Thursday, August 6th. I take my OCD tendencies seriously so I figured out what time we had to leave the house to get to school on time, then I worked backwards for breakfast, waking up and bedtime the night before. I came up with the entire schedule on a piece of scrap paper. (I will have to come up with a cute idea to display it so we can keep on schedule.)

I couldn't help it, I had to go to and create it right now!

This morning however, I didn't hear my alarms.
I had stayed up way too late after a long phone call. Sam later told me that he turned it off so I could sleep. He told me I needed to sleep more :) Next thing I knew, I had slept through half the morning. I think I will need this new schedule more than the boys! Thankfully we get another two practice mornings before the first day of School.

I was lucky that we got all of our school supplies in advance. Even with a last minute classroom change, I am not stressed. We got everything on the supply lists plus some extras for the teachers. Plus I am adding boogie wipe samples to a special treat bag for all the kids. I am so ready to be one of those moms this school year. 

Take a look at these cool name tags for the Boys' backpacks, Friends own Full Canopy Armory here in Flagstaff, AZ. I have my keys on a Rt 66 keychain he made with the laser etching machine. I don't know all the specifics on HOW it works. I just think it is pretty COOL! He can use wood, glass, ceramic, almost any surface straight or curved. These two tags will be perfect to attach to their backpacks.

How many school supplies did you buy to fill up their new backpacks? We got the basics: folders, composition books, notebooks, crayons, markers, colored pencils, pencils and erasers. Plus a few extras for the class. We also got baby wipes (to clean tables and small messy hands) and paper towels. Each of the boys picked out a new backpack and I order lunch totes from ThirtyOne Gifts.

I was even able to get a desk for the boys at a low cost. This will be perfect to give them some room for school work, or extra workbooks. They can also color and do art here. All their things are in separate drawers too. 

We also organized their room at the end of July. We put up a small set of hooks for jackets. A shoe organizer for their school shoes, and some cubbies for clothes for the week. 

It is a very simple set up, but I used zip ties to connect 5 small containers. Each day of the week has clothes set up to make mornings easier. I have the boys add underwear and socks too. (This insures they wear clean undies every day.)

I tried to get the stuffed animals under control. I used two cheap laundry bags to collect everything specific to each kid. The bags were too cheap though and only lasted a few days. I will try again with a better quality bag and hopefully it will work. They were using them as bean bag chairs and tv pillows. Good idea but + bad construction =  FAIL

The third project gave us a low cost shelf to store the DVD player, cable converter box, remotes and some movies. The boys have their TV mounted on the wall but the cords were always stretched to the max. This cheap shelf made from pressed wood and some brackets helps keep everything off the floor.

We are all getting excited about back to school. Stay tuned for a cute First Day of Picture. 

Have your child give you the following information and then check back on Friday.

1 - favorite tv show
2 - favorite movie
3 - favorite color
4 - favorite food
5 - favorite candy
6 - favorite toys
7 - favorite activity
8 - favorite superhero
9 - favorite shoes

10 - What do you want to be when you grow up?


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