Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WOW Wednesday! Productivity

Today was so productive! Late last night (early this morning) I made 5 new headbands. Took photos for next blog post before summer camp. Got the boys registered for kindergarten and met both their teachers. Went home, edited pictures and wrote the post. Picked up the boys, set up at the market. Sold 3 of the 5 headbands plus three feathered pretties and some bows. Now everyone has showered and is in bed. Nothing to do now but sleep!

And I almost forgot!!!! The teachers are glad to let me do the scholastic book orders this year. I am such a book nerd. Plus I get to help with Masterpiece Art in the classroom. I am going to be one of those super annoying room mothers.

When life is good, it is very very good!