Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Personalized Gifts for Father's Day

Good Morning! (Well, it is 1 am as I am writing this but most of you won't see this until the morning.) I love to promote local Flagstaff business. I have a small business as well and I think it is important to support our friends that are also trying to do what they love and support their families. Today I am going to tell you about the coolest way to get a personalized gift!

Gunsmith and Laser Design Services

Full Canopy is Veteran Owned and Operated by Troy Hansen. Formed as a Limited Liability Company, Full Canopy Armory is a SERVICE oriented company. SERVICES such as GUNSMITHING, LASER DESIGN, PARKERIZING and DURA-COAT application. We started out as a GUNSMTIH company and we are continuing to expand.  Our plan is to start manufacturing firearm parts and accessories in the near future. Our new Laser Etching machine adds the ability to really personalize items or gifts. For more pictures/examples you should check out their facebook page. (Military Designs also available for laser etching as well.)

Using a CO2 Laser Etching Machine, Troy Hansen can personalize anything! He can laser etch on wood, metal, denim, canvas, glassware, etc. He can take almost any image and have the CO2 machine etch the design right onto the item. I was able to watch the process over the weekend and I was amazed. He took an image I liked, put the glass mug into the machine, lined it up and sent the image from his laptop. The machine goes back and forth using a laser to etch the design right into the item.

This was the design I chose:

This is the finished item:

It is really hard to take a picture of glassware. UGH!

These are some other items available. Although the machine can laser etch tons of different materials. Call Troy at Full Canopy Armory for a quote.

Prices Vary - Ask for a QUOTE

Prices Vary - Ask for a QUOTE

Almost any image you have or find can be edited and etched onto to your item. Get a personalized gift for Father's Day. (He doesn't want a necktie or BBQ tools.) Call Full Canopy Armory and design a personalized gift.