Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WOW! Wednesday - Stuck in Flagstaff

5 years ago I would have never imagined that I would willingly sit in a chair and be poked with needles. Fast forward - I wish I could get it done once a week or more.  I am talking about acupuncture.  Small tiny flexible needles are inserted at different points in the body for therapeutic reasons. I go to get help with migraine headaches, sinus issues, insomnia and anxiety.

Typically a session can cost $70 or more. It isn't covered on my insurance so that is a lot of cash out of pocket. Flagstaff is lucky enough to now have STUCK open off of 4th Street. They have community style sessions to help keep costs affordable. You can schedule an appointment online. It is super easy. There is some health information that needs to be completed before your first treatment.
When you arrive at Stuck, step up to the iPad to check in. You can pay with credit; debit or cash. Fill out a payment slip and drop it in the box. Walk into the treatment room and find and empty recliner. Take off your shoes, sit down, relax. Stephanie will then come over and ask which health issue you want to focus in during your treatment. She will insert the needles and then you sit back and let it work.
I almost forgot the best part!!! The prices are so affordable. Your first treatment will have an additional $10 fee for patient establishment (paperwork.) Sessions are on a sliding scale. You pay as you can afford. The cost for one session is $15 to $35. For my first two visits I could only afford the $15. If I have more money available in the budget I will pay more the next time I schedule a session.  Nobody is watching or checking for your payment. It is an honor system. 

The quiet time alone is worth $15!!!

Check out Stuck on Facebook or go to the website

Stephanie is currently running a special through the end of May. 

2 for 1 sessions on Wednesday for new patients. 

Plus this FRIDAY, MAY 1st is Free Day! Make an appointment to secure your spot. 

Grab Yourself a Frequent Recliner Card, and Get Your 11th Treatment FREE! 

You can pick one up at the front desk at anytime.