Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WOW! Wednesday - Stuck in Flagstaff

5 years ago I would have never imagined that I would willingly sit in a chair and be poked with needles. Fast forward - I wish I could get it done once a week or more.  I am talking about acupuncture.  Small tiny flexible needles are inserted at different points in the body for therapeutic reasons. I go to get help with migraine headaches, sinus issues, insomnia and anxiety.

Typically a session can cost $70 or more. It isn't covered on my insurance so that is a lot of cash out of pocket. Flagstaff is lucky enough to now have STUCK open off of 4th Street. They have community style sessions to help keep costs affordable. You can schedule an appointment online. It is super easy. There is some health information that needs to be completed before your first treatment.
When you arrive at Stuck, step up to the iPad to check in. You can pay with credit; debit or cash. Fill out a payment slip and drop it in the box. Walk into the treatment room and find and empty recliner. Take off your shoes, sit down, relax. Stephanie will then come over and ask which health issue you want to focus in during your treatment. She will insert the needles and then you sit back and let it work.
I almost forgot the best part!!! The prices are so affordable. Your first treatment will have an additional $10 fee for patient establishment (paperwork.) Sessions are on a sliding scale. You pay as you can afford. The cost for one session is $15 to $35. For my first two visits I could only afford the $15. If I have more money available in the budget I will pay more the next time I schedule a session.  Nobody is watching or checking for your payment. It is an honor system. 

The quiet time alone is worth $15!!!

Check out Stuck on Facebook or go to the website

Stephanie is currently running a special through the end of May. 

2 for 1 sessions on Wednesday for new patients. 

Plus this FRIDAY, MAY 1st is Free Day! Make an appointment to secure your spot. 

Grab Yourself a Frequent Recliner Card, and Get Your 11th Treatment FREE! 

You can pick one up at the front desk at anytime. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Depression #MakesYouThinkMonday

Depression sucks. It pulls all feeling from you. You can't sleep. You can't work. You can barely function. When you are stuck in these lonely feelings, it takes every bit of effort to do daily tasks. Depression makes you doubt who you are, who you can be. However, depression is an illness like any other and it can be treated. Medications and talk therapy can do wonders. Be kind. You never know the pain that someone is hiding behind their smile.

This song has helped me so much. So just hold on...

Friday, April 24, 2015

MARVEL's The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Teasers

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All opinions are mine alone. #AvengersUnite #CollectiveBias

As always, my boys and I were at our local Walmart to grab some groceries. These two may be small but they have quite an appetite. We are always buying more afterschool snacks. When we walked in we found a large display for MARVEL's The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie which will be in theaters on May 1, 2015. Fans of the movies will have plenty of choices for merchandise: 

There is a new app only at Walmart and is available on GooglePlay or the AppStore. Super Heroes Assemble lets you keep up to date with the latest teasers and content from the upcoming movie. Once downloaded, open the app and click on DISCOVER. Choose a character and then search for that signage in store. Once you scan it the secret content will be unlocked! Each scan unlocks different content so make sure to find all the Avengers displays and items at your local Walmart store. 

You can even scan specially marked The Avengers food products like Dr. Pepper, Doritos, Kellogg's Fruit Snacks and Cheez-It baked snack crackers.  

I am lucky because my boys like to shop. Well, they like to shop for themselves. They were excited to find new shirts. At under $8, I was happy to spoil them. We also always have to check out the toy department before we leave. I must have been in a very good mood because they also got some new toys on this trip.

We didn't get home until late that night and I was too tired to handle any Lego building. However Sam woke up the next morning determined to build his new set without any help. I love how he can focus and follow directions. Look how proud he is!

We are obviously excited for the new movie. Are you planning to see it when it is released? My boys change their mind frequently but right now, Jay loves Iron Man and Sam thinks Captain America is pretty cool. Which Avenger is your favorite?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

This works since I have no words to say...



Monday, April 20, 2015

Kool-Aid Easy Mix Brownies #PourMoreFun

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All opinions are mine alone. #PourMoreFun #CollectiveBias

Single Moms need easy. Single Moms need fast. Single Moms need to save money. Kool-Aid Easy Mix takes care of all three. All you do is Just Add Water. You can easily #PourMoreFun by the glass or the pitcher. For under $3 you can bring home a bottle of either Tropical Punch, Grape or Cherry flavors for the whole family to enjoy. 

As always, the boys and I were in our local Wal-Mart store to grab groceries. We came across a demo with free samples. (Who doesn't love FREE?) Drinking the Grape Kool-Aid Easy Mix reminded me of summers as a kid. After playing outside, we would run inside for a drink; my mom would always have a pitcher ready for us to drink. I walked down to the soft drink aisle and easily found all three flavors to take home. 

Since I have so much extra time on my hands, I decided to play with some recipes. My first attempt was Tropical Punch Fudge. I tweaked a recipe I found on the back of the Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme. Sadly, adding the extra liquid kept the fudge from setting so I will be updating this recipe. I wasn't going to include it but now we can all learn from my mistake. 

UPDATE: I can't do anything with the "fudge" so far. It is way too soft for truffles. I was going to stir in extra powdered sugar to thicken it up but I am out of powdered sugar. I used some as icing on my flat cookies and it makes them pretty. I currently have a pan in the freezer so maybe I can salvage some bark candy out of it.

My second recipe was for cookies. They weren't a fail but they were flat. Living at an elevation of 7000 tends to make it harder for me to bake. I wouldn't give up though and I used the rest of the mixture to make brownies! If you try it out, please comment and let me know what you think.

What is your favorite?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Big Night In Coupon for M&M's® and Hasbro®

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Do you love having game nights with family and friends? Take the Big Night In challenge and dedicate one night a week to spending time at home with your family or closest friends.
A fun idea to start this is to create a calendar highlighting a new board game to play each week. Jenga® and Monopoly are classic favorites and they pair perfectly with a bag of yummy M&M's® candies. You can find more fun and easy Big Night In ideas on the M&M's® social hub.


Right now you can save $1.00 off your next purchase of M&M's® candies for your game night. 
Click here to print the $1 off coupon good towards a purchase of any (1) bag of M&M’s®  Brand Chocolate Candies, 38oz. or larger available at Walmart. While supplies last.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Uh-Oh #Pixie Power

Shhhh! Sunday - Anxiety

This past week after Easter has been overwhelming for me. I had been doing so well for so long that it not only caught me unprepared, it knocked me on my butt. 

On Easter Sunday, I was singing out praises. I was smiling as I sat in the front row listening to the pastor speak. I was confident, I was proud, I was happy. I had on a like new dress from the thrift store. It only cost me $6. The boys had on new shirts and clip on ties. I even wore my little mini hat.

After church was over, I decided we would cook Easter dinner at home. We stopped at the grocery store and went home for a nap. I felt like I couldn't handle the rest of the day without that nap. Then the nap lasted a little too long. The boys were up before me and eating chocolate from the easter eggs. I made our ham dinner and they didn't want it. I went to bed early but it took hours to fall asleep.

Monday wasn't much better. We didn't have school so that meant we stayed home. I was a mess. Everything annoyed and aggravated me. I bagged up trash in the boys room. I was not a nice person. I barely slept that night either.Tuesday included a lot of tears and a long nap.

I had to take 2 days off of work this past week. I made it through Tuesday somehow but I knew Wednesday wasn't going to happen. Barely made it through Thursday. I tried on Friday but I only made it 30 minutes before I had to leave. Plus I will not be going in tomorrow, Monday. I love my job and it feels like it was a God thing but it is causing me a lot of anxiety and stress.

I decided long ago to not be ashamed of who I am or what I deal with on a daily basis. All those little things make me, ME. In fact, it is because of those things that I am even more special. Look at what I have accomplished over the last 5 years. Look at the last 6 months! To really know me and see those accomplishments - well - it is amazing. I haven't been able to be as open about all that I deal with, at first I did it because it was necessary; but it has been very hard for me. I don't like to keep it quiet because it makes me feel like it NEEDS to be hidden. That I SHOULD be ASHAMED.

For me it is always hard to pinpoint the exact reason for the anxiety or depression. There are always a lot of little things that pile together to weigh me down. I know that keeping a secret is part of it. It is also the added stress I give myself to be perfect and do it all! I take on way too many tasks and then scramble to keep up. Did you know I have 2 small business plus I run my blog? That is in addition to working at the school each week. I was supposed to start an online class later this month too. HA HA HA HA.

Well, thanks for reading. I originally started my blog as a way to vent and share my feelings. It has been nice to get back to that. It is a big help to me and my messy brain and heart. 

How do you vent your feelings? Comment, Share, #ShhhSunday

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Terrible Tuesday 4/7/15

This video was filmed in October 2011 over three visits from a friend and her video camera. Life seemed so hard at that point. Single mom of twin boys without a car, had to carry car seats with me for taxi cabs and rides from friends, endless trips to do laundry, bartering for rides to the store. I was very blessed and lucky that I found a great support in friends from my MOPS group.

As I re-watched that video tonight, it helped me to see that things are better. I mean I know they are better, we have a car to get around town; I am working part-time, I am blogging, I have a small side business where I can barter services, etc, etc. I just spoke to someone at church about all that has changed. How I truly felt happy and confident in ways I hadn't in years.

Then that night I could barely sleep. It took hours to fall asleep. A sleeping pill, an anxiety pill, lavender essential oil, a snack - nothing was working. Monday felt like torture. I missed my schedule. 4 days off of school in a row was too much. The stress of the prior month had obviously caught up to me.

Monday night also proved to be a sleepless and restless night. I did wake up and I tried my best at faking it. I put on a new dress that I had bought at the thrift store. It had been a little big so I washed and dried it. As I was leaving the house, I realized that the buttons were gaping. I hoped I had a safety pin in my desk drawer. UGH!

The boys fought in the car on the 6 minute drive to school. As soon as we walked into the building I had an overwhelming need to cry. Anxiety washed over me like waves on the beach. One parent noticed and just as I was about to admit I could use a hug she came back to try again. It was nice that I could ask this person to pray over me. She told me to just sit and cry because I obviously needed it.

Due to a mis-communication I wasn't needed to be at late work which was for the best. I left, grabbed some groceries and took a long nap after lunch. I needed it. The boys obviously needed the sleep as well, but then it just messes with the schedule even more. Dinner was late. Bedtime has been more than 2 hours of telling them to stop talking and stay in bed.

There really needs to be a mommy drop in center - one side is for the kids and the other side helps to recharge moms that need attention, love and caring from others that understand. Wine might be helpful as well. Or shopping. Or pedicures. Hmmm, maybe I need to plan something.

Thanks for letting me whine, I guess it is close enough to Whiny Wednesday that I could combine my new themes.  Be on the lookout for:

Make You Think Monday
Terrible Tuesdays (tales of woe) (option #1)
Taco Tuesday (option #2)
Weird Wordless Wednesday (option #1)
Whiny Wednesday (option #2)
Throwback Thursday
Freebie Friday (option #1)
Follow Up Friday (option #2)
Sum it up Saturday (recap of old posts)

Monday, April 6, 2015

#SoFabUOTR Phoenix/Scottsdale

I was a lucky recipient of a SoFabUOTR grant. 
It helped cover costs so I could attend the conference. 
All opinions are mine.

I knew I had to attend SoFabUOTR in Phoenix. I couldn't afford to go to a larger conference because of the time or financial commitment. As a single mom, I am lucky to have 2 days to myself when my boys visit their dad, anything longer would be a scheduling nightmare. Plus the cost involved for a hotel, travel and meals would be a strain on my budget. A one day conference with the collective that has treated me so well was just what I needed!

I left early so I could splurge on a green coffee drink and go over my pre-conference homework. I wanted to be prepared for the speakers that day. Starbucks was across the street from the conference location so it was a perfect spot to sit and relax. I even met Courtney Rix Velasquez Lawless and  Debba Joy Haupert as they were in line in front of me! I felt like I was meeting celebrities. 

I headed over a few minutes before 8am with my laptop and green coffee. I wasn't sure what to expect. My anxiety kicked in and I got a little quiet and shy. (Yes, occasionally I am quiet. HUSH!) 
The tables all had topics on them. I found a table to sit at near the front that said "Working with Brands" and settled in. It was nice that the wifi passwords were marked and each table had power strips. I grabbed some breakfast and waited for the day to start.

This cutie rolled up and her mom sat down beside me. Turns out her name is also Courtney. It was fun to share the table with her and I loved getting to her hold her 7 month old daughter, Macy. 

Not sure how I missed it but besides the bag of snacks and swag from CBias; STI and #DriveMitsubishi was handing out selfie sticks in the lobby. I went and got one and hooked it up to my android smartphone. One quick change in the settings, I plugged it in and was ready for more closeup shots. Everyone was playing with them during the first hour of the conference.

So I still need a little work with the selfie stick but I still got a good picture of Carolyn West - I felt lucky to sit next to her and gain insight into my blog posts during the peer review. Thanks again.

And could I not add this amazing video clip:
We're getting this party started with some uptown funk! #SoFabUOTR Phoenix #cbias— SoFabU on The Road (@SoFabUOTR) March 28, 2015

The Featured speaker: Aliza Sherman “Harnessing Your Content with a Social Media Strategy & Editorial Calendar” was great. I wrote down lots of notes and now I just need three days alone with my blog to make changes. I can not wait to take the GRID she uses and put it into practice for my blog. I love my spreadsheets so this is a perfect way for me to organize my posts and stay consistent.

The afternoon speakers taught me more about food photography than I might ever use on my blog but I did file away some great tips for taking better photos for foodie posts and party posts. The main thing I wanted to do was shop for photo props. I plan to hit up some thrift stores soon for a few pieces to help set my photo shoots.

During our breaks we were encouraged to enter contests for conference attendees:

We ended the night with a cocktail hour where I got more time to chat with the other Courtneys, Carolyn and some bloggers from the valley. I had a great time. I am so thankful to Collective Bias and Social Fabric for starting my professional blogging career. I can not wait to grow as a blogger and use as a way to earn more money for my family.

Make sure to check back during April as I update some posts, make changes to my photography, and put new weekly posts on my blog. I also plan to host a new giveaway soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SNICKERS® for #WhenImHungry - Printable Coupon

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All opinions are mine alone. #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

You're not you when you're hungry and SNICKERS® is here to help! Have you ever had a time when you realized that you were hungry.... and grumpy? Not feeling like yourself? A little out of sorts? Maybe you need a SNICKERS®.Head on over to the SNICKERS® Facebook page and check out the Hunger Handler App. You can take a quiz and figure out which SNICKERS® is right for you. You'll also receive a buy one, get one free coupon for any SNICKERS®variant. 

Don't delay, the coupon is live April 1st and only good until supplies last.
If you'd like more SNICKERS® inspiration, check out the SNICKERS® social hub.