Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Sammy & Jayson

Last weekend the boys' had their 5th birthday. It is hard to believe that they are getting so big. They have been asking for a Dusty #Planes Fire and Rescue birthday party since they saw the movie. 

Typical mom to spoiled boys, I did my best! 

This is the invite. I used PicMonkey to create it. 
I then printed off 25 copies as 4X6 photos and the boys invited their whole class.

This year I decided to not host the party at home. I wasn't able to go to infinity and beyond with the party prep but it saved a lot of time and stress. Instead we had our party at BananaLand Play and Cafe. It is a great new place in Flagstaff, AZ. They offer a play area for children supervised by their staff. Parents can sit in the cafe and enjoy yummy food, coffee drinks and relax while the kids use up all that energy. They even have wi-fi! 

Take a look at our party.

The boys had a blast at the party. They had been telling strangers about the Fire and Rescue party at BananaLand for months. They have a boat in the middle of the room for the kids to play on. The monkey/gorilla came out to sing and dance with the kids during the birthday party. Almost all the kids took pictures and gave high-fives. 

The cake was made by our friend Mikala. She works in a bakery. I was a little hurt that the boys didn't want me to make their cake this year, but it saved me a lot of time. Plus having 30 guests meant we needed a lot of cake! The Up, Up and Away jello was super simple. I put blue gelatin into plastic cups from a dollar store and added a dollop of whipped topping. I wish I had bought more gelatin because each serving was on the small size. It seemed to be enough for 5 yr olds though :) The Fiery Fruit was adjusted from an idea I saw on Pinterest. The original idea used toothpicks for mini fruit ka-bobs. I wanted to be a little safer, so I skipped that and just cut up the fruit. I used watermelon, cantaloupe and (canned) pineapple. The Wheels were chocolate frosted mini donuts I bought in bulk. Super easy and a handheld treat for all the kids.

Some of the parents never left the cafe. They took advantage of kid free break and sampled BananaLand's new menu. They offer foods containing NO partially hydrogenated oils (Trans-Fats), high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or MSG!

As part of the party package, the birthday boys got to add their handprints to the wall, As you can see, one of my boys did a better job. The party room can comfortably fit about 25-30 guests. They have two party packages to choose from; one includes food and longer play time. Check out their website for current pricing:

What would a birthday be without a goody bag? We purchased small tote bags from a dollar store. Added in some small toy planes, candy and a bottlecap necklace. I had all the supplies from my small business, CoCo Pretties

I let my boys pick out the colors for our table layout. The black plastic table cloths were our runways. Masking tape helped mark out lines. You could be much more creative than I was with extra time. The red plates were for the Dusty's firetruck red paint job. The blue napkins were for the water he uses to put out the flames. The star baloons were from our local dollar store and they were red and orange for the flames and blue for the water. The juice boxes were covered in construction paper and a wrap I found in a free printables pack online. This is the link:

We had a great day and I was so glad to celebrate with so many friends. Thanks!

You should take your monkeys to BananaLand! Check out the giveaway for a chance at a $25 gift card. 
You could let your child loose in the play area and enjoy some yummy food.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year, New You with Rogaine #MoreIsBeautiful

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MoreIsBeautiful #CollectiveBias #ad 

I have continued using ROGAINE® Foam for Women and my hair looks amazing. I might be a little biased but come on, look at that picture up there. I am pretty cute. My hair has gotten thicker and fuller. It just looks better overall. I first told you about this new product that gets to the root of your thinning hair   back in November 2014. I had been using the product for a month at that point and I was impressed. I have now been using it for three months. I have new growth showing along the hairline and it has helped boost my confidence!

My hair has gone through a lot of styles and colors in the last couple years. Some styles were to camouflage thinning hair, others were to distract (bright colors) and the last few styles were getting closer to the mixed pixie I have now. 

All similar in color, nothing too wild in these photos. 
Can you see that thinning hair? Rogaine to the Rescue!

Can you see that new growth along the hairline? The next style takes care of those.

I am making some big changes in my life. #1 on the list is making & taking more time for myself. To do this, I need to streamline daily activities. I try to have my clothes laid out for work in the morning. Any papers, curriculum, or books are in my bag and ready to grab. I even try to make sure the boys have their backpack ready to go with their folder and a snack. Some mornings I don't have time to shower. Thankfully my cute hair can skip a shampoo once in a while. I use my Rogaine foam, style and spray, DONE!  Add a little eye make up and I feel ready to face a room full of Kindergartners

When my boys are visiting family in the valley, I take even more time for myself. A quick visit for a massage, a hair trim, manicure or pedicure, a NAP, shopping alone, crafting, ignoring the dishes (well I do that when they are here too.) Not every moment of the day needs to be spent on others. As a single mom, my hands are full - but sometimes I need and deserve to drop everything to take care of myself. Plus it doesn't take too long with this cute new style for the New Year, New You.

Almost everyone has a Wal-Mart near their house. We tend to head over there once a week or at least a few times each month. The newest product I have been using is Aveeno Shampoo and Conditioner. At my store, it is around the corner from Rogaine for Women.

How easy would it make your morning if you could do your hair using only 2 or 3 products? Shampoo, Conditioner (optional), Rogaine Foam. Let Air Dry or Blow Dry with a Round Brush. Everything can be found in the Health & Beauty department at your local Wal-Mart.

Change #3 or was it #4 deals with money. 
Are you looking for new ways to save money? 
Well you can still buy Rogaine and save money with these coupons and rebates.

$10 Mail in Rebate will be up online in January at:
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Do you still have your coupon inserts from the paper on 1/4/15?
Go find this coupon to save money.

Oops, almost forgot to give a big thank you to my hair stylist. Michelle is an amazing stylist. She listens to me and helps me decide on a style that will fit my personality and face shape. She is from Chicago like me and super sweet!

Do you want a new hair style for the New Year? 
Well enter this giveaway for a gift certificate for one hair cut by Michelle. 
Her salon is in Flagstaff, AZ so this is for locals only. 
Sorry to those not in Northern Arizona. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you have to accomplish before you even leave for work? 
How do you make time for your self? 
Leave your answers as a comment on this blog post and get an entry for the giveaway.

I will be posting Change #2 soon - make sure to come back and find that post later this week.

Hey, did you see the flipagram I made? I love how I can add my favorite song to my photos.