Wednesday, July 9, 2014


THEM: This is an attempt to collect a debt.  Hi, is this Courtney?

Me: Yes

THEM: You owe $xxxx.xx for ~~~~~~~. Would you like to make a payment?

ME: No. I don't have any money.

THEM: Are you still unemployed?

ME: Yes, and about to apply for disability again. Nothing has changed since you called me 2 weeks ago.

THEM: Well, let's set up payment arrangements. Even $25 would be good. Can I have your payment info?

ME: Are you listening to me? I have told you before, I have multiple mental heath issues. I am SMI. I don't work. I receive welfare. I have an appointment with Housing tomorrow. I don't have any extra money to send you. I wish I could take care of this but I don't see anything changing in the near future. If anything, things are getting worse.

THEM: Well, with that bad attitude, you are right, nothing is going to change.

ME: Excuse me? It is not a bad attitude. It is a mental illness. It keeps me from working. 

THEM: Well, okay then. Good.....

ME: Get me a supervisor!!!

THEM: No need to get loud.

ME: There is no need to be rude. I want to talk to a supervisor NOW!

The supervisor finally came on the line after being on hold 4 minutes. She told me emphasized (wrong word choice) and hopefully things would get better. And that even a small payment would help. She said they would be calling back regularly but she could push it out to every 2 weeks. 

2 weeks ??? Like my mental illness will be BETTER in two weeks. I am crazy, not stupid, lazy or having a bad attitude. I would love to be a more functioning adult. Sadly, phone calls like this send me into a downward spiral. I am trying to calm down now but the kids are stealing peanut butter cups from my chocolate stash and the xanax hasn't kicked in. I know it is hard to understand what it is like to be me, and I know these people have a job to do - BUT - I hate this!