Monday, January 28, 2013

Mom to 3 yr olds!! (Toy Story Birthday Party)

I can not believe it ! 

(Stolen from Quincy on Little Einsteins -- I can't be the only mom that knows that quote by heart.)

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My babies are no longer babies. They are BIG BOYS ! They turned 3 a few days ago and we had a great party over the weekend. I took almost all of my party ideas from Pinterest. I even hired a photographer to do the "photo booth" that I had set up in their twins' bedroom. The pictures turned out really well and I got to enjoy the party instead of being behind a camera.

Christie from Savage Photography was amazing ! She is local to Flagstaff. 

Here are a couple shots :

Me - I am channeling Woody and Mr Potato Head. The hat is from the dollar store and has been smushed by the boys. The nose and mustache were made out of fun foam.

Sam - wearing a clearance costume after his homemade costume was destroyed at Halloween.

Jay - wearing his Woody costume that I made for Halloween 12.

Me with the Etch a Sketch photo prop. The props were made with fun foam and craft sticks. I just looked at the toys and started cutting. No templates, I just eyeballed it.

And some random shots of our Toy Story Birthday Party !

My front door is magnetic so I used brown craft paper, fun foam and magnets to make a Mr Potato Head  for the kids to play with.

Decorations were easy ! Mr Potato Head toys dressed as Buzz and Woody and toys in the window sills and on the counters next to the food and drinks.

Cupcakes with homemade fondant . Aliens were made using two different size oval cutters and forming little antennas. I used Wilton candy eyeballs to finish them off. They were so yummy. The 3s were made from a cookie cutter. The icing job is horrible but nobody seemed to mind.

Well, I will have another post up soon with family photos that we will be taking later this week. We had it scheduled for their actual birthday but it was raining. I will also have a giveaway next week so check back...

~ Courtney