Sunday, August 12, 2012

Perseid Meteor Shower - Aug 12, 12 at 1am

I have always loved astronomy. I took a class in college mainly because it was easier than chemistry but I really started to appreciate what I was learning. When I heard there was going to be a meteor shower tonight, I wanted to get a peek. The kids were both finally passed out so I escaped outside to watch the skies for a little bit. It was about 1 in the morning. I threw on some jeans to keep warm but didn't add another layer to my tank top - dummy - it is 56 degrees out there.

There was some distant flashes of lighting off to my left,
There were clouds blocking part of my view,
There were stars blanketing the sky above me,
The clouds started to clear and I could see the moon and the planet Jupiter.

I finally started seeing some of the meteors with their star trails (or tails?) and I got really excited.
I tried to take some pictures but I have a simple point and shoot digital camera - so they are not worth sharing. I did find some online though through google images.

This is one of my favorites that I found online.
By Logan Brumm Photography and Design

August 13th, 2010 Perseid Meteor Shower - Flagstaff, Arizona By Logan Brumm Photography and Design

My eyes have been playing tricks on me lately (I think it is the constant headaches and migraines) but when I thought I saw a dark shadow and a white stripe, I didn't want to take any chances. I stood still for a moment but it looked like it was going to come closer so I started walking as fast as I could in the opposite direction of my stairs. This meant I was going down a hill covered in grasses, rocks, and the bumpy "road" made by trucks going to the back of our building. I almost fell a few times. I know how much the stink bothers me and my headaches inside the house so I didn't want to have a new perfume given to me :)

I stood in the parking lot for a little bit but the light from the buildings was making it hard to see. The clouds were starting to move again and the pine trees were directly in my line of sight for the moon.

I guess I can take a peek later this morning or late tonight again.

I hope you got a chance to see how beautiful the sky was tonight.

ETA: Oops I forgot to give you one more link that had good info for me on where to look in the sky and what to watch for...

Well, my pictures weren't very good but I will leave you with this picture of "stars",

possibly "stars" of a future boy band ? They can sing like their mama so they have a chance !

ETA AGAIN - I just got this link in my twitter feed :