Monday, June 18, 2012

Aggravations solved for $50

I have them, plenty of them. This isn't about the neighbor's alarm clock that goes off at ten to midnight or the neighbor's music that makes my pictures shake. It is about transportation and finances. I lost my license a while back because of an unpaid ticket. I got pulled over right before the twins were born and the court date was during my hospital stay. I got hit with the maximum fines and I never had the money so my license was suspended. We have been doing okay with walking, taking the bus or having friends drive us places. However, when my knees are really hurting, I can't walk very far let alone push a double stroller. Yesterday I really didn't want to stay at home. I could not sleep Saturday night so at 6am, I gave up trying and got a shower. I got the boys up and dressed so we could head out. Then I realized that the three closest bus stops to our house were shut down due to construction. One of the reasons I love my neighborhood is that the bus does a loop that gets me almost anywhere I need to go. I knew I would be doing a lot of walking when we got to our destination so walking a mile to catch the bus was not something I wanted to do. I ended up spending $20 on a taxi ride yesterday. It wasn't a big deal at first and I was glad to be out of the house. But then later that night it really aggravated me ! A little while back I was trying to figure out ways to earn the money needed to reinstate my license and get a car. I know that the monthly cost of car insurance and gas would be a lot of money but it would make me/us more self sufficient. I broke down the cost and figured out that it would take me 36 months of putting $50 aside to pay off the debt. I can't wait that long so I tried to figure out what would be worth $50 to some of the people I know. I can babysit, do crafts, make sugar scrubs, plan parties, bake cupcakes.... If I could get 36 people to pay me $50 each - I could pay this off. Then I could pay it back with some service over the next two months. Or I could break it down a little more and do something for $25. Maybe this is crazy but I have got to put it out there... being at home with my boys is what I wanted but when we can't get out of the house - it gets exhausting. I don't like to be dependent on friends to go to the grocery store or appointments. Plus it contributes to my depression and anxiety. The more I have to rely on others, the more I feel like a burden. The more they try to convince me otherwise, the more I feel like they are lying which makes me want to hide in my house. Not being able to run to the store for diapers or milk is really getting to me. I wish I had an easier way to come up with this money...

AND so this post isn't super depressing : This is the three of us at the Farmer's Market yesterday. We won free fudge from Frazier May Fudge Co for knowing the secret word :)