Thursday, May 17, 2012

MOPS (not to clean the floor)

Today was the last MOPS meeting of the 2011-2012 year. It was a lot of fun but also bittersweet. My friend, Kaci, rewrote the lyrics to some songs to fit into a skit about THE MOPS MOMS and I got to perform two songs. I had an afro wig and a dress for "I Will Survive" and I made some Buzz Lightyear wings for "You've Got a Friend in MOPS (me)". There was a lot of silly dancing too. Somebody took a video but I don't know when it will be posted. (On a side note, Donna Summer passed away this morning and I am sure her version of the song was much better than mine.)

MOPS will be meeting for play dates over the summer so I will still get to see the other moms but not everybody can make those and it just isn't the same. Plus a couple people are moving to Cali and I am going to miss them. Kaci has been a great friend. When I first heard about this MOPS group, I got a call from Kaci since she was to co-coordinator that year. There was a meeting that week and she offered to come pick us up (me and two toddlers needing car seats) in her minivan. She has driven me to 90% of the meetings each first and third Thursday since then. Esther was at my table this year and she said the nicest thing to me at our Feb 2nd meeting. We had to write out a compliment to the mom next to us on a note card. This was the day before my 35th birthday and I was a little down. I still have that notecard taped up on my desk so I can read it every few days.

I am glad to be part of such a great group of women. I hope to be a part of this group until the boys leave for Kindergarten. They have "lifted my spirits high" and been there to give love and make my life better.