Sunday, January 15, 2012

Updates and Photo: 52 - ABCs - Week Two - B is for...

Brotherly Love of ELMO

The Twins love Elmo so much. I am in the middle of planning their 2nd birthday party. I don't have a very big place of my own so I am going to have the party at the local Peter Piper Pizza. I am going to try to make some Elmo cupcakes that I found on Pinterest and I have found tons of other ideas on there too. (That is my new addiction - pinning ideas.) If you want to check out what I have found go here --------->  or check out this board 2nd-birthday-ideas

Other than that, we are just trying to nail down a new sleep schedule. Some days the boys don't want to nap and I get tired of fighting them so they stay up all day. Other days they seem exhausted and will nap for hours plus sleep all night long. I can't seem to figure it out and it is driving me crazy ! (Well, I was already there but this is pushing me over the edge...) 

I have reached a pretty calm spot in  my life. Not much has really changed but I just feel better about things. My divorce did end up being finalized just before the year ended. Custody and Visitation seems to be working out well with their dad. We are actually getting along better than we ever did in the past. (Or else he is really good at faking it) We are even friends on facebook and can laugh together at the boys' antics and tantrums.

My boys are going to be turning 2 in 10 days and I will be 35 just 9 days after that ! I don't feel that old, and thankfully I don't look that old - which is a good thing when you have to keep up with twin toddler trouble !! Time is really flying by and I am glad to have a camera again to keep track of those moments I want to remember.

Well, the boys are napping which means this will be the only quiet time I get. I hope you enjoy reading this blog - please share and subscribe.