Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My TWINS are 2 years old today! Party Part 1

I can't believe that it has been 2 years since I had the boys. The time has flown by and so much has changed. Today we started our day with cinnamon rolls. I made some of the icing blue and some green. They loved them!

After a nap and some lunch we had cake for a snack. 
Mommy sang Happy Birthday to them of course !

Last weekend they visited their dad. I went down on Saturday to see my grandparents and then the PHX family had a birthday meal on Sunday afternoon. We went to Peter Piper Pizza. I made banana bread for us to share and turned some of them into "cupcakes" with slices of banana to hold the candles. My Grandpa turned 78, my sister turned 30, the boys are 2 and then I will be 35 in Feb. It was fun to have the PHX family get together for a few hours. My nephew AJ and my oldest son, Christian came as well as my sister's boyfriend, Nick.

Mama and her 3 boys

Last week I did a trial run on the cupcakes I am making for the party. I think I did pretty well for never having done hand piping on cakes before. I took some pictures during the process just for my blog. This week I did all the baking and have it waiting for Friday when I have time to do all the decorating for the party. I am actually excited about it. I am also going to make chocolate dipped oreo cookies and some cake pops. Plus a 13X9 cake for the adults to share. Oh, I almost forgot, I ordered some iced cookies from Basha's too. Those need to be picked up before the party on Saturday. We are headed to Peter Piper Pizza again, but this time in Flagstaff, with all our friends up here. I think I have close to 30 RSVP'd already. Our friends Liz, Lily and Kaley will be staying the weekend with us. It should be a blast.

Simple Chocolate Cupcakes from a Box Mix

Buttercream Icing made from a secret family recipe

Added Red Gel Food Coloring 

Use a Star Icing Tip for the "fur"

Cut a marshmallow in half, add a jelly bean for the nose, part of a sandwich cookie for the mouth and gel icing for eyes.