Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things to be thankful for...

Every year the month of October seems to be a horrible month. This year (like last year) was another exception. It was a tough month, but I soldiered through thanks to some great support systems I have put in place. I think I might be changing what October means to my mental health and it is about time ! I hate feeling all that anxiety and depression. So let's change the subject...

The Twins started out the fall season with getting sick again. They had ear infections during October which led them to be scheduled for a 3rd surgery for ear tubes. This time the DR is also removing their adenoids. The surgery is tomorrow morning at the hospital. They will be staying overnight for observation which means Thanksgiving will be rescheduled at our house. I am very nervous this time because of the extra procedure but I love their ENT DR so I know they will be in good hands.

My divorce should be final any day now. The Judge said he did not need any more paperwork or documents so I am just waiting for the final decree. I was given sole physical custody and we share legal custody. He is supposed to have visitation every three weeks or so - give or take. He came up here in early November for a day visit since they have been sick. I will get them for Christmas and he will get them for a week after Xmas and over NYE.

That week without kids will give me time to move. Yep, you read that right. We are moving. We will be sharing a 3 bedroom house on 2 acres just outside of town. As soon as I can get some boxes I am going to start packing up the house. I hope to use the time to set up and organize our things so the boys don't have to deal with boxes and chaos. I also need to baby proof the house a little. It has a pretty open floor plan - so I need to get some cabinet locks and figure out out to keep them out of the stove !

Tonight I am going to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with all my neighbors and the staff from the transitional housing program. They are cooking turkeys and doing the mashed potatoes and the neighbors are all making something to share. My contribution is layered jello, rice crispy treats, and caramel apple spice cupcakes ! I will write another post on my recipe with some pictures.

Well, the monsters are sleeping so I am going to enjoy my hour (fingers crossed) of quiet time.

~ Courtney