Saturday, October 1, 2011

so #$^&* aggravated !!!

It is the first of October. I wore a sweater today (off and on) and some flip-flops. Fall is here and the weather is cooler. I should be in a good mood because this is my favorite season.

However, I woke up with a headache; didn't get my welfare money; played phone tag with people all day; and forgot that I have to babysit tonight when I really want to go to bed.

The boys are with their dad this week. He was supposed to pick them up on Thursday but he called and asked if Grandma could get them on Tuesday since she was driving through Flagstaff from Nebraska. I didn't want to let them go early but it was the nicer, easier thing to do. (It cost my sitter two days of pay though and their dad didn't give them all their medicine for pink eye.) So they are due home tomorrow. I had a ride set up with a neighbor that was already going to be in Phoenix. She sorta flaked and then finally agreed but demanded more money for a drive she was already making. Their dad and grandparents are refusing to drive them back to Flagstaff since they say it is court ordered that I do one way of the transportation. So instead I will be taking the shuttle down to PHX and then returning to FLG for a cost of $160. Their dad doesn't care though since he isn't the one paying for it. His mom is paying for the tickets. Which really doesn't make any sense.... but whatever.

What really bugs me is that the child support is court ordered but nobody is making sure that gets taken care of. He owes $4033.80 in child support from Aug 1, 2010 to July 31, 2011. Starting in Aug 2011 he was to pay $356.15 (current plus $20 back pay) each month until the final court date in October. So Aug, Sept, Oct 2011 would be $1068.45 that I should have gotten in the last couple months. I haven't gotten one cent !!!!! That money would have almost paid off my new 6 month lease (subsided rent).

I asked him when he gets his first paycheck from his new job (gas station clerk paid min wage) so I can get some child support. He said he had already gotten two paychecks but was still $150 short for his rent and couldn't give me anything. So I am 100% short on rent, electric and gas plus need bus money - but oops - sorry !! They should have garnished his wages on those two paychecks but he didn't report the job to the courts or to Child Support Enforcement. That was court ordered too !!!

I'm sorry. I seem to only be using this blog to vent lately. I just have been having a hard time dealing with all the stress. I had a job offer that didn't work out. I have to pay a sitter so I can look for work. I have my fingers crossed that my renewal for welfare benefits goes through so we can still have food money and insurance. I have a new 6 month lease to pay for. I am still trying to set up the voc rehab training program. I want better for my kids. I love that I have gotten to stay home with them and I don't mind that we don't have a lot of money - but I need to have enough money to cover expenses. I shouldn't have to choose between buying diapers and paying the electric bill.

To top it all off.... I have to spend an hour with their dad tomorrow until the shuttle leaves to take us back to FLG. Even when I am aggravated with him, spending time with him and the twins together makes me wish we could be a family again. So by the time we get home I will be depressed. What a great way to spend a Sunday - huh ?