Saturday, July 30, 2011

Child Support

On Friday, July 29th there wa a court hearing on the motion I entered regarding child support and parenting time. The paperwork was sent at the beginning of June and it took 7 weeks to be put on the calendar. The Judge seemed a little confused and I wondered if he had read through everything... Since it had taken so long, the twins' dad and I had worked out some of the kinks with the parenting time. The child support however needed to be court ordered because it wasn't going to be sent without it !

The Judge asked us if we were working. I told him no, and the paperwork explained why I wasn't currently employed. Right now the cost of daycare would eat my entire paycheck. I babysit every once in a while to make a little cash but I wouldn't consider it working since it is random and usually paid in trade, not cash. Their dad also said he was not working. However we had just talked about the work he was doing from home. He even has a name for it - "Media by Ken".

I had done the child support calculation online through the court website and based it off his being able to earn at least minimum wage. It was calculated to be $397 a month for two children. I didn't add in the parenting days correctly (or account for holidays) so the Judge calculated it to be $336.15 per month. He asked when we separated and I told him it had been one year ago this week. He decided to back date the child support to August 1st, 2010. (Grand Total of $4,033.80 for the last year) The first payment is due this Monday. When my (STBEx) husband said he didn't have that kind of money, and wouldn't be able to pay rent, and how would he get it, and... and... The Judge seemed annoyed. (This was via telephone but you could hear it.) The Judge had the best line ever : "Whether or not you pay the child support, your children wake up hungry every morning." He then ordered that an additional $20 a month should be paid with the current amount to help cover the arrears. So I am supposed to be getting $350 this week. Don't worry - I am not holding my breath !

I am pretty happy about the decision. I know I am not going to get a check for $4,000 anytime soon but it is on the books and will start growing interest. He has to pay the money eventually. The Judge said he wanted to have a dent made in the total amount before the trial date. Final trial hearing has been set for October 12. So I will be officially single before the holidays.

Up until yesterday, I was still hoping that things could be repaired. However something in his voice and the way he balked at having child support ordered... Well, that hope died. For the last year, I have been piecing together $5 here and $10 there and trying to make ends meet with welfare cash and food stamps. I am tired of being behind on rent, and having to beg help for diapers. My bills need to be paid so I can give Sammy and Jason the life they deserve.