Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the end of my rope - Bottles to Sippy Cups

I do not know what to do... Sammy will not eat. He is refusing almost all foods and his formula. There is only one bottle he will take but the nipple lets the formula just pour out so he spills more than he drinks. Today he wouldn't even take that nipple. He had a few bites of yogurt but it was a battle. He wouldn't even take a bite of mashed potatoes. I know he is cutting molars but...

Jason had almost a week where he had a low-grade fever and wouldn't eat - but he still took the bottle. He started the teething a couple days before Sam - so you would think that it would only be a couple days before Sam would eat - but NO !!! Sammy is only getting worse.

We have some Munchkin sippy cups from Wal-Mart (seen here on Amazon: Munchkin Sippy Cups) but he has chewed through the valve so that the liquid pours out when he tips the cup. He has also figured out that he can push the valve down into the cup. They do not sell replacement valves and even though they are inexpensive, I don't think it is worth buying more. He can chew through the valve in a day or two !

We also have these cups (seen here on Amazon Nuby Sippy with Straw). Jason is starting to get the hang of the straw but Sammy has no clue how to do it. I have even tried a trick that a speech therapist/occupational therapist told me about... You cut a wide straw into thirds and use it to suck up applesauce. The child gets instant gratification with the applesauce from the short straw and will eventually transition to a longer straw and milk/formula/juice. It isn't working ! (I have even tried sucking up smoothie and letting him suck it out of the bottom of my straw - he lets the smoothie drip in his mouth but he still won't suck through the straw on the cup.)

My neighbor bought some of these for her twins and gave me two to try yesterday (seen here on Amazon Take & Toss Spill Proof cups). Jason drank a little bit of juice from the cup but had more fun playing with it. Sammy just threw it on the ground and tried to take the lid off.

They got a set of these cups (seen on Amazon Munchkin Elmo Cups) for their birthday. They have a hard plastic top with a valve inside the lid. They can not suck hard enough to get anything out of these cups ! I actually tried it myself and it is hard to use. Especially after using a bottle where the nipple drips milk. They don't want to work that hard for their drink.

I am thinking about buying these :  (on Amazon (again) Nuby No Spill Sipper) or these (duh - Amazon Nuby No Spill Cup with Super Spout). I have a $5 credit on my Amazon account so with the Amazon Prime Mom program which gives me free shipping - it wouldn't cost a thing.

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OK - so I posted my problem all over facebook and I am already getting some suggestions. Thanks Moms ! I knew I could count on you !

Both boys are now crying - so that means I am done writing for tonight !