Monday, February 28, 2011

Not enough ME to go around - Guilt Free Parenting

Well, if I wasn't already feeling stretched thin... I am now. 

Sammy has RSV, croup and an ear infection.
Jason has pneumonia and double ear infections.
They both ended up in the ER this week when they had trouble breathing.

It kills me to see my kids sick.

Jason would cough, look at his chest, then look at me. It felt like he was saying "What the hell is going on ? Why does it hurt ? Fix it !" As the week went on, he would cough and cry. By the time Friday came, he was gasping for breath, his heart was racing, he was choking and puking.

Sammy would lay down and cry. He didn't want to crawl, walk, talk or play. He is usually my MaMa's Boy - but he didn't want me out of his sight. It took all his energy to turn his head and keep me in his line of vision. On Wednesday night, his cheeks turned bright red and he started wheezing. 

I started writing this post the other day, but as you can imagine, I got distracted. I decided to finish it today in honor of Baby Center Guilt Free Parenting Week  It has been a tough week as you can only imagine. Today I am not going to feel guilty for taking ME time. I haven't showered, eaten or done anything for myself lately without feeling bad. I might act like I am OK with some ME time, but I usually beat myself up for a while about it...

So here are some things that I do, on a regular basis, that I will not feel guilty about:
  • letting my kids watch DVDs on their TV (yes they have their own TV, DVD, and VCR in their room that plays a good portion of the day)
  • not giving my kids a bath every day
  • letting them have boogery noses while we are home (the crusties keep their noses from running all over their mouth and chin)
  • letting them wear the same jammies two days in a row
  • calling them THE TWINS (I think it is special to be a twin, and that I did something cool carrying two babies)
  • taking pictures and video every day and posting it for the world (ok, my FB friends) to see
  • ignoring their cries for attention when I just sat in their room and played with them for an hour
  • going potty by myself with the door shut and the fan/water running to drown out the noise
  • doing the grocery shopping alone (it would take two carts if I didn't)
I am sure there are many more, and I will add to this !
What do you do as a parent that you sometimes feel guilty about ?
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Sammy in my lap while Jason was in the ER
Jason asleep in the ER
Sammy watching Yo Gabba Gabba while his meds kick in

Jason feels icky...
Sammy and his Mickey
Jason drinking a bottle of V8 juice